GrowlCamino beta 1.5

Add Growl support to Camino


  • Lots of different notifications


  • Uninstalling a little difficult

Very good

Camino is known for being a functional and simple Mac browser, yet oddly enough it doesn't have anything like Growl notifications. Installing this little plugin will correct this.

GrowlCamino sets up just like any preference pane and is accessible from your Camino preferences menu. Once installed it will bring up notifications for all sorts of Camino events, but especially downloads, pop ups blocked and bookmarks imported or exported. You can also choose which notifications to suppress.

If your a regular Growl user you'll enjoy this plugin and how discreet it is. The Growl notifications are not intrusive and appear separately from the browser window, in a dark little window. The only little drawback is when you want to uninstall it. You'll have to dig into your Application Support in Library and remove the file.

Despite the counterintuitive uninstall process, GrowlCamino is a nice little plugin which brings notifications to your Camino browser.

Growl is a cool tool for Mac OS X that provides notifications when an application needs your attention. If you start using Growl, you will probably find that you become totally dependent on it...

...and then you will be sad that a few of your favourite apps don't support it.

GrowlCamino is a plugin for the Camino web browser that posts Growl notifications at useful moments. It provides a convenient Growl-based replacement for Camino's Downloads window and popup blocker.



GrowlCamino beta 1.5

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